September, again.

Finally! – (The Rough Edges are actually in the studio with a new tune that might end up being called “I Live For You”, but forget that for now.) This is notice that “LifeRaft“, is finally mixed and published.
This one took quite a while, due to an ongoing condition we have called ‘life’, which caused any amount of interruption, and which was accompanied by it’s evil twin (?) brother ‘indecision’, plus a bit of dental work and several chances of rain.

    Can you be my Liferaft,
    Draw back the curtains on each morning of this winter,
    It only hurts when you laugh,
    When you cry,
    There’s no uncertainty,
    You are my Liferaft

Thanks! I hope you like it! Click here for “Liferaft

(and I’m telling you again, there never was a girl in Pittsburgh..)

- Steve T
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Look At Us

A new one for you. Sort of a lost youth / post 9-11 / memories of the jet trail from the last years of the 60′s (that washed over some of us in the 70′s)/ whishful-whimsical song, insipred by the empty politics, apathy and general malaise of the season. Oh, did I give it away? Is that sentence too long? Is our sentence up finally? Didn’t we serve our time? Click here for “Look At Us”

Thanks to Tim and Joe, the Rough Edges were a trio on this one.

April 18, 2012 – Steve T

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One of a Kind

Here (on the ‘Music’ page) is the first release of the new ST&RE song ‘One of a Kind’.

This effort included a diversion into a study of the Venus DeMilo. My thanks to author Gregory Curtis for his fine and very interesting book – Disarmed: The story of Venus DeMilo,
If you’re looking for a fascinating read on the history of the statue and the politics and period influences on art history, I highly recommend this book. You will also learn where I have made references in the song that are absouletly irrelevant and incorrect (but hey, it’s my art).

Joe on drums, Tim on bass.
Hope you like it.

- SteveT

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Whole Lot Of Nothing

First release of ‘Whole Lot Of Nothing’ is up – hope you like it.

Had a great time working on this one. Joe P was right on the money with the drums, and two of my favorite vocalists, Dennis LaDuke and Matt Townsend, were kind enough to contribute the harmonies. Tim M brought sanity to the bass line, and wore his other usual engineering and editing hats.
The percussive sound in the intro is expansion joints over road noise, and if you listen through headphones you may catch some way-back-there stuff at the end of the second verse.
Thanks for listening.


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Energy Vortexs

Not sure I was able to dial in on any of Sedona Arizonas ‘energy vortexes’, but I was able to get a song started in my head drving through the nowhere-land between Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon. The new tune is titled “Whole Lot of Nothing”, and features tracks with the new (to me) Gibson acoustic, complimenting tracks done with the Moon (0001). In demo stages now, hope to have it finished by mid May at latest.
- Steve T.

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Starting to clean up and publish some instrumentals written for yoga over the last six months. Please let me know if you find them useful.

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Somewhere like Heaven

2/11/11: Check out the new tune “Fair” just posted (on the “Music” page).

The site is starting to come together.
Please let me now if you find something isn’t working for you, and leave a note to let us know you stopped by.

Steve T.

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