I can’t help you anymore,
If you’d just show yourself the door, I’d be much obliged,
Cause you’ve been wearing all my clothes – now I’m always cold,
It’s you, you left me nothing to cry into.
A damp spot on the floor.

I can’t get a wink of sleep,
If you’d just sink into the deep, I’d say thank you dear,
Cause you’ve been stealing all my sheets – you know I’m always cold,
It’s you, you leave me nothing to hold onto,
A hard night on the floor.

You’d be much happier in your own place,
With all that extra closet space,
After all these years – you could finally find your shoes

I can’t take these morning shows,
If you’d collect your cat and go, I’d be satisfied.
Cause you’re parading ‘round my house – wearing all my towels,
It’s you, look what I’ve been reduced to,
A damp spot on the floor.

Steve Thomas/SMTunes 2006 (2010)

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