What You Believe

Can you tell me what you’d like to see,
In your future, in your dream
Can you follow some quiet stream
Down your mountain, to the ocean.

Can you tell me how you know you’re free,
To choose your Master, to find your King
Do you hear the song the children sing,
Do you remember, its sweet refrain?

Can you tell me
What you believe,
What colors do you choose to paint the world you see.
Can you tell me,
When it’s time to leave,
Will it matter then, what you believe?

Do you taste the days uncertainty,
Or is your anchor, fast and true
Are your legends overwhelming you
All your heroes, fallen – forgotten.

Can you tell me,
What you believe,
The Sunday morning paper or an evening breeze -
A god of anger,
A messenger of peace,
Universal truth,
A final sweet release,
Life forever,
or just an endless void,
Law to justify,
Some beauty in this noise,
A force around us,
A mystery within,
A miracle of faith, or just some accident.


Steve Thomas/SMTunes 2011

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