Look At Us

Look at you,
Look at me,
Look at us,
These photographs,
Those ancient laughs.
From way up there, we could see a thousand miles,
Without a care, in the world.

A world at war,
While the children sleep,
We buy our groceries,
and we watch TV.
We gotta wash the car, we gotta talk about it at the bar,
You know – all that’s wrong, in the world.

But the answer my friend, has blown away in the wind,
Cause all the long hairs from down in the park,
Are marching in on Fort Lauderdale,
And the something that’s happening here,
Is exactly and perfectly clear…

Look at you,
Look at me,
The way we were,
So absolutely sure.

Could it be that it was all so simple then, or am I reliving what we left behind?

Look at us.


Steve Thomas/SMTunes 2012

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