2004 American Standard Stratocaster.

Sunburst/Maple, as you can see.
This guitar has never been played out. It has lived in the studio.
There have been a few modifications, but no drilling or routing on this body or neck. They are completely factory

  • Tuners have been replaced with Fender locking tuners (standard/chrome), the ones with the actual turn lock ring on the back.
  • Pro wired to one of David Gilmour's favored configurations. The neck pickup is a Fender Custom Fat 50s, the middle a Fender Custom '69. the bridge a Seymour Duncan SSL-5. A mini toggle allows you to put the neck pickup in circuit all the time ("7 way"). 250K pots and Orange Drop Cap. Fender 3ply black/white/black shielded pickguard.

Other things you would want to know -

  • Micro tilt neck. As currently set up the micro tilt screw is all the way retracted. The full heel of the neck is in contact with the body neck cavity.
  • The rear cover was swapped out to black (original plastics were white) to match the front.
  • The bridge is floating to factory specs as set up now.
  • The action and intonation is setup to favor a player who frequently capo's at 3, 4 or 5. 
  • Strings on now are David Gilmour Signature Blue - (10-48).
  • The "flaw" on this guitar is a cosmetic defect on the 3rd fret. You can see that some technician made a pencil line under the high E string, and then finish was applied over it.
  • Rest assured that none of my guitars, including this one "play like butter". Butter is a dairy product.

The guitar comes with the Fender contour case, in excellent condition.

This guitar is in great shape.
I am selling it because I cannot get comfortable on a maple fretboard. Believe me, I have tried. All my other guitars (including strats) are rosewood or ebony. So, after many years, It is time to let this one go.

$900 and shipping, if required, is extra. I would much prefer to sell this to someone who can play it before purchase. 

Some of the photos of the interior were taken with a cell phone, may not be so pretty.



Click here for high resolution photo set